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Our miniature poodle Cheekie has problems with her bowels since she was a
puppy. She would have such problems with constipation that she would
sometimes howl in pain as she tried to force stool out. I did try stool softeners
like Benefiber or Metemucil but they either had added sugar or artificial
sweeteners. Since she would be ingesting these every day I didn't want to keep
her on these. Our holistic vet recommended
MitoMax® and since she's been on
it she has not only not had problems with elimination she goes regularly a
couple of times a day. And just like with humans, the shorter a time waste stays
in the body the better. I'm happy to have finally found a product made just for
animals that works so well. Thank you.

Patti, Pet Owner
Ewing,  New Jersey

I have used MitoMax® with adults, seniors, bitches in whelp, and puppies with
impressive results.
MitoMax® helped my Saradin Mahar Aliza Kashi, dog recover
quickly after carrying a litter of 12 Afghan Hound Puppies.

Lucy Orlowski, Breeder
Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus, Ohio

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