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FAQ about Probiotics

Q: What are probiotics?
A: Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be consumed with food or through
the use of supplements to produce health benefits.

Q: Why use probiotics?
A: The use of probiotics can enhance resistance to disease and sickness,
improve nutrient absorption, and stimulate the immune system.

Q: How do probiotics improve disease resistance?
A: Probiotics prevent disease by creating an environment that is unfavorable to
pathogens. Moreover, probiotics can stimulate the immune responses to fight
against pathogens or parasites.

Q: How often do probiotics need to be administered?
A: To gain beneficial results, probiotics should be taken on a daily basis.

Q: What types of animals will benefit from probiotics?
A: The health of almost all types of pets and livestock will improve with the use of

Q: Can humans benefit from probiotics?
A: Yes, probiotics can be used to improve the health of humans.

Q: What is the difference between probiotics and antibiotics?
A: A problem with antibiotics is the possible emergence of “super bugs”,  which
are resistant to the effects of the antibiotics and would make antibiotics useless in
protecting the health. Because probiotic products use microorganisms that are
naturally found in the human/animal bodies, there are no negative effects.

Q:  Is it possible to use probiotics and antibiotics together?
A: Yes, most antibiotics target gram-negative bacteria, which are different from the
gram-positive bacteria or yeast used in probiotics. As long as the antibiotics do
not target the same bacteria or yeast used in probiotics, they should be

Q: Can humans/animals get sick from using probiotic products?
A: No, the microorganisms used in probiotic products are the same
nonpathogenic strains found in the animal/human bodies, which means that they
will not cause disease.

Q: What is a Colony Forming Unit (CFU)?
A: A CFU, or Colony Forming Unit, is a viable bacteria or yeast cell.
At Imagilin Technology we only measures viable cells. A total cell count, which
may include dead cells, can be misleading, since the primary probiotic effect is
only determined by live cells.
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Mission Statement
To develop innovative technology to produce novel nutraceutical products,
which may serve as therapeutic and nutritional components,
to improve and support human and animal health
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