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Our Company

Mission Statement
To develop innovative technology and to produce novel nutraceutical products,
which may serve as therapeutic and nutritional components, to improve and
support human and animal health.

Who Are We
Founded in 2003, Imagilin Technology is a biotechnology company located in
Maryland, USA, specializing in innovative products and technology development
for human and animal health and nutrition.

We focus on probiotics as an essential part of nutraceutical products to support
human and animal immune and digestive systems.

We have successfully introduced
MitoMax®, a patent-pending probiotic product
line for animals, to the pet industry and have established close distribution
partnerships in North and South America, and Asia. We are a member of
American Pet Product Association and  a member of Pet Care Service
Association. We recently developed and introduced to the market a new
NutriLots™ probiotic line for humans as well.

The company has been comprehensively involved in basic research and clinical
studies worldwide for all of its products. The results of the research have been
published in a number of scientific magazines and journals.

Imagilin has established collaborative research projects with the Walter Reed
Army Institute of Research, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),
ARS, Beltsville, the University of Maryland, and Hood College to further innovate in
the development of new technologies and products.

We have filed several patent applications worldwide to protect the company
intellectual properties for our novel technological platform and products.

Corporate Citizenship
At Imagilin we are committed to performing ethical business practices that provide
greater value to all of the company stakeholders, employees, customers,
suppliers, distributors, other members of the company's local and global
communities, as well as the environment.
Imagine the possibilities, create the Technology
Mission Statement
To develop innovative technology to produce novel nutraceutical products,
which may serve as therapeutic and nutritional components,
to improve and support human and animal health
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